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A Moroccan Feast

So close you can almost taste it…check out the MENU. Advertisements

The Official Apron of Gourmet Potlucks

You know the dinners are good when one potlucker immortalizes the group in its very own (Gourmet) Potlucks of Awesomeness Apron! Oh yes, Mod Cloth, we WILL be adding that to our bags, thank you!  Check out, please! As retro and as vibrant as the full-color spreads of Gourmet 1990 herself, as lively and carefree … Continue reading

Holy Moly Santa Barbara BBQ >> August 1990

JEZUS H. CHRISTOPHER It’s been a hot summer. As of press time it seems to have skipped directly to fall, but before summer goes for good and labor day flies into oblivion, it’s time for one last hurray in someone’s backyard. Gourmet BBQ style! Ribs, corn, sage butter (quite frankly no barbeque should go without … Continue reading

July 1990 ft. Three Gourmet Summer Picnics

Gourmet, gourmet on the wall. Who is the fairest picnic of them all? The Rowboat Picnic? The Meadow Picnic? or could it be the Twilight Dessert Picnic? Whichever it is, feel safe trusting Gourmet Magazine with the menu for your next picnic, whether it be on land or sea, in a green pasture or in … Continue reading

June 1990, A Cocktail Party

I’m sorry? What was that? Gourmet, did I just hear you say that we have some degree of freedom in this meal? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this… could be potluck CHAOS. Gourmet Potlucks’ worst nightmare. But let’s throw our hats to the wind here and see what happens at this cocktail party when … Continue reading

Merry May Luncheon

The sound was jazz, the atmosphere was smoky, and the mood was martinis. — er, make that MERRY MAY LUNCHEON. That’s the mood I’m in, I don’t know about y’all. The sun is shining (actually) and patios are a’calling. Nothing says “summer’s almost here” quite like toasty asparagus and decadent roasted meat! Oh, maybe except … Continue reading

April // Italian Vegetarian Feast

Por Favore e Grazie!  At long last, the vegetarians in our Gourmet Potluck world can have a meal to call their own.  And lordy did they earn it.  No my friends, these plant-loving people would not sit around while we discussed the decadence of the $500 steak on our plates. They would not be content … Continue reading

March 1991 // Easter Dinner

March is madness.  The menu for March 1991 in Gourmet Magazine is Easter Dinner madness. Judging by the photos, the Gourmet crew is still on their tropical kick from last month’s Florida getaway dinner (er– last month’s potluck) and celebrating the holiday with a sweet ham roast in Bermuda, the Strawberry Lemon Bavarian Cake balancing … Continue reading

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