April // Italian Vegetarian Feast

Por Favore e Grazie!  At long last, the vegetarians in our Gourmet Potluck world can have a meal to call their own.  And lordy did they earn it.  No my friends, these plant-loving people would not sit around while we discussed the decadence of the $500 steak on our plates. They would not be content with sampling the sauce that the meat was served with to try conjure up the full set of flavors on the menu. They certainly wouldn’t stand for the tacky early nineties photography anymore either, so our determined vegetarian friends searched high and low and found the perfect spring menu, Gourmet’s March 1999 a Vegetarian Italian Dinner!

Gourmet Potlucks: “We serve up a hearty meal of robust flavors.”

DOWNLOAD ME!! // Gourmet April 1999


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