July 1990 ft. Three Gourmet Summer Picnics

Gourmet, gourmet on the wall. Who is the fairest picnic of them all? The Rowboat Picnic? The Meadow Picnic? or could it be the Twilight Dessert Picnic? Whichever it is, feel safe trusting Gourmet Magazine with the menu for your next picnic, whether it be on land or sea, in a green pasture or in your wildest vampire fantasies(?). We’re having a picnic extravaganza one fine evening this July, rowboat not included.

Look who’s invited: Peperoncini Stuffed with Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream! Peach Wine! and last but not least, S’mores Bars!

*Download your $UMMER PICNIC$*


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